Clothing Camp Stamp – A Great Deal!

Years ago, when I was a young mother, I decided to buy a permanent clothing stamp to use on my son’s underwear. I was due to have my second baby any day and was planning to send my older one away for a week or so while I recuperated from the birth. One of the prerequisites to sending him to my relative who had a houseful of boys herself, was that I had to label his underwear. When I went shopping for the clothing stamp, I was a bit shocked when the store charged me more than $20 and I remember asking the shopkeeper why it was so expensive. (Shame on me!)

It’s ten years later and I still use that same laundry stamp and I’ve had to replace the inkpad only once.  Did I get a good value or not? On the other hand, since then I’ve had to print several sets of clothing labels as my children outgrow their clothing and the old clothing labels stay on the previous articles of clothing.

Convenience of Camp Stamps

Now, that my family is larger and my growing kids keep me busier than ever, I’m absolutely a proponent of spending those extra few dollars for both saving time and for the convenience. I’m a big believer in investing in products that make household chores easier. Life is so complicated nowadays and we are correspondingly so much busier. Many people won’t think twice about shelling out an extra 20 bucks for fashion’s sake or for ready-made food but will frown at spending that same money for convenience.

Think of all that you could do with the extra time; spend time with your kids, enjoy nature, or just plain be.  When was the last time you did that?

When it comes to the clothing stamp, I tell parents to go for it. It’s clean, it’s neat, it’s fast to apply, it can be reused many times.  If the name fades just stamp it again.  Make life easy for yourself!

The laundry stamp does have two limitations:

  • The black ink is only visible on light clothing or care tag.
  • It does not print clearly on textured fabrics, (although with some care you could make it work better).

The clothing stamp (aka camp stamp) is particularly popular at this time of the year and for good reason. Campers and their parents love it for its ease of use and quick application. No matter how early parents prepare their camp lists, labeling is often a dreaded chore and left to the last minute. The camp stamp alleviates some of the last minute stress as dozens of clothing items can be labeled in a matter of minutes. The indelible ink in the camp stamp is made to last through many, many washings. You’ll be surprised when camp time rolls around again a year later, that your child’s name will still visible on the clothing (if the clothing still fits the kid.)

You can choose to print 1 or 2 lines of text plus an icon of your choice.  Check out our new item Clothing Stamp with Icon.

Or check out our clothing stamp video here.

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Instructions for stamping your clothing with clothing stamp:

Spread article of clothing on a hard, dry surface. Smooth out area that will be stamped and press down on stamp firmly.   Your name should now be imprinted in the clothing. Do not wash stamped clothing for the next 24 hours.

Directions for replacing clothing stamp inkpad:

  1. Press down slightly on top of stamp.
  2. Push the button with the arrow in the front center of the stamp.
  3. Ink pad should slide out easily.
  4. While you’re still pressing down on stamp, insert new inkpad.

Check back soon for our Video demonstrating how to replace inkpad.

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